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Prepare for NED Admission 2022 Test with Maqsad!

It’s time for NED admission 2022! If you’re getting started with your NED admission test 2022 preparation then you’ve come to the right place! You can kickstart your online preparation for NED university entry test 2022 with Maqsad’s crash courses!

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NED Admission Criteria 2022

Get details for NED admission criteria and all your pre-admission entry test queries in our video below! This will help you prepare for your NED ECAT test better and also get important answers to all your questions!

NED Entry Test Preparation 2022 Videos

Find a list of videos to prepare online NED university entry test 2022.

NED Entry Test Lecture Lecture Subject
NED ECAT Preparation Test Lecture 1Chemistry (part 1)
NED ECAT Preparation Test Lecture 2Chemistry (part 2)
NED ECAT Preparation Test Lecture 3Chemistry (part 3)

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