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How to Score HIGH on ECAT/MDCAT Tests!

Preparing for ECAT/MDCAT tests can be overwhelming especially if you’re not sure how to begin. Here are a few tips to ensure you’re on the right track!

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Get an Idea of the Subjects and Syllabus

It’s important to be sure that you’re studying only what will be included in the test. Check out official MDCAT/ECAT websites and confirm the subjects and syllabus before you start preparing.

DON’T Follow a Strict Timetable

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A lot of people suggest creating a timetable and sticking to it. But this doesn’t always work. Sometimes putting too much pressure on yourself to study a given subject for a period of time won’t be productive. Instead, try to study subjects that you feel motivated to study and switch whenever you get bored. Keep things interesting!

Find Good Online Lectures to Clear Concepts

Sometimes reading from notes or books is not enough. If you need more guidance to understand concepts, try to find good free online lectures or crash courses. This free online crash course for ECAT/MDCAT is a good example of how you can study for tough subjects easily in a short amount of time.

Practice with Past Papers and Guess Papers

The BEST way to prepare isn’t to read notes or even just watch lectures – you have to PRACTICE! And there’s no better way than question banks and guess papers. These will give you an idea of the paper pattern and the exact questions that have been included in past years. The more you practice, the better you will get!

A good option is Maqsad’s ECAT and MDCAT question banks. They have 6000+ questions that follow the latest MCQ format and every question has a detailed VIDEO SOLUTION so you are never lost on how to solve it. Click to get more information for MDCAT Past papers and ECAT Past Papers downloads!

Practice Without Calculators

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This is very important as calculators are NOT allowed in ECAT and MDCAT entry tests. You need to make sure your mental maths is good enough to answer questions quickly in the time you have.

Take Mock Tests to Check Your Preparation

If you want to check how good your preparation is, you can take online tests for ECAT or this free MDCAT online mock test. Make sure you set a timer and try to complete the test the same way you would in the actual exam with no distractions or cheating. This will give you a good picture of how your preparation is.

Get Enough Sleep and Rest Your Mind

You will never be able to perform well on any test unless you are well rested and can focus properly. Make sure the night before your exam you get plenty or rest and sleep and are able to walk into your exam awake and alert!
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Don’t forget to download the Maqsad app to get tons of resources to help you study for your exams!

Good luck with your tests!

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