THIS is the BEST Online Math Solver in Pakistan!

online math solver

Getting solutions with an online math solver is a life-saver! Especially if you can’t find anyone else to help you solve the equation. This online math solver by Maqsad will get you solutions in just 3 seconds!

A Math Equation Solver Right in Your Pocket!

Solve equations online in 3 seconds with Maqsad DoubtSolve math equation solver! No more going online trying to find an algebra calculator or bugging friends to help you with solving linear equations – DoubtSolve is a math problem solver that gives you instant video solutions for all types of equations. So be it word problems, calculate inequalities, long division calculations, or complicated equations, you can DoubtSolve it all!

How to Use DoubtSolve Math Solver App

There are 4 easy steps to use DoubtSolve online math solver:

Step 1: Download Maqsad’s app for iOS or Android
Step 2: Click on the DoubtSolve math calculator tab
Step 3: Take a picture of your question
Step 4: Submit your question

You can detailed instructions on how to use DoubtSolve’s math solve app on this link.

Is DoubtSolve better than Google Math Solver?

We can’t say which online maths question solver is better but we CAN tell you some unique points about using DoubtSolve as your math calculator online in Pakistan!

Why We Think DoubtSolve Should Be Your Favorite App that Solves Math Problems

  • Instant video solutions: When you use DoubSolve to solve math problems online, you don’t get written answers – you get a COMPLETE video solution with step by step solutions.
  • Covers all local Pakistani boards: You can find an app that solves math problems easily but DoubtSolve is the only one that is catered to Pakistan’s inter/matric system and gives you answers based on your class and board.
  • Detailed video lectures for every topic: Not only do you get video solutions for the question you’ve asked – you can also get detailed video lectures for the topics you’re studying. This way, you can understand concepts instead of just getting a quick answer!
  • Separate math calculator in app for you: Are you looking for a math calculator online to do everything from basic functions to advanced algebric calculations? Maqsad has a separate math calculator online in it’s app that you can use along with DoubtSolve to study!
  • More than just a math solver:

Is DoubtSolve Free?

The first 3 questions you ask on DoubtSolve are completely FREE. After that, you can buy a subscription for a month at a time for JUST Rs.500 and ask unlimited doubts! Click here to learn more.

Make studying easier! And it all starts with downloading the Maqsad app!

Good luck with your studies!

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