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Preparing for Exams is Now Easier with Maqsad Tests!

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Say goodbye to the guesswork of preparing for exams! Instead of going through books and books of past paper questions, make test prep easier with Maqsad tests! (Pssst you might want to check out Maqsad’s online video lectures before taking tests for a better chance to improve!)

What Are Maqsad Tests?

Maqsad tests are built to quiz you on frequently repeated past paper questions while giving you immediate video solutions to problems. Take the tests in the comfort of your home and as many times as you need until you feel fully prepared!

What’s Special About Maqsad Tests?

Here’s a list of reasons Maqsad tests are better than your average test prep book!

Easy, Medium and Hard Levels

Maqsad tests are designed to help you prepare for tests according to your own pace. You can choose from three different difficulty levels based on your preparation. Master one level before moving up to the next or switch it around.

Frequently Repeated Past Paper Questions

The questions you will come across in Maqsad tests are not random questions. They are hand-picked by Maqsad’s academic team and are the most frequently repeated past paper questions from recent years. This gives them a higher chance of appearing in your final exams and therefore, make you better prepared!

Instant Video Solutions for Every Question

Stuck on a question and just can’t understand why you’re not getting the right answer? Maqsad tests give you instant video solutions for every question you attempt so you can see how to correctly solve the question. So not only do the tests quiz you on your knowledge, they also help you prepare by giving you the correct solutions!

Personalized Report Cards to Track Progress

At the end of each test, you will get a report card that gives you a score and shows you details of how you did on the test. Compare report cards of each test to see how much you’ve improved!

How to Use Maqsad Tests

Step One: Download the Maqsad app

Step Two: Go to ‘Maqsad Tests’ and select your grade and subject

Step Three: Choose your difficulty level

Step Four: Take your test and complete all the given questions.

Step Five: Get your personalized report to see how you’ve done and keep taking tests to improve!

Want to feel even more prepared? Check out Maqsad video lectures to clear concepts and DoubtSolve any difficult doubts you have.

Don’t forget to download the Maqsad app if you haven’t already! It’s available for both iOS and Android!

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