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Maqsad Marvels Art Competition 2023 – Mera Karachi Edition

Back in May 2022, we introduced the programme of Maqsad Marvels followed by launching a competition which lets students come together and showcase their skills in our Maqsad Marvels Competition. Maqsad’s vision is to create a platform for students to achieve their purpose, their “maqsad”.

maqsad marvel poster with three kids showing their strength
Maqsad Marvels Art Competition is a Maqsad Programme to encourage young talented artists

At Maqsad, we believe in organizing student-oriented initiatives which help them boost their confidence by showing their skillset. To begin 2023 with our students, Maqsad hosted an in-house art competition at Maqsad’s office where we invited students from different schools who were art enthusiasts. The theme for the art competition was Mera Karachi (My Karachi)

About the Theme

The theme for the art competition was “Mera Karachi” also known as the city of lights. The concept strongly resonates with each student. Maqsad strongly believes in putting differences aside and working towards what can be equally given to each individual. Therefore, we wanted students to paint their perception of how they see the city they live in and what element of the city they think defines Karachi.

Maqsad Marvel Participants

maqsad marvels competition going on with students sitting around and painting
Talented Maqsad Marvels working on their artwork theme – Mera Karachi

We have actively engaged with schools to provide students with maximum exposure to multiple opportunities. The students came from different schools and colleges. The students were not only limited to one segment of the age group. We had students from the secondary level of education as well. The purpose of inviting diverse schools was to give students the chance to explore activities which can enhance their educational experience. The students not only painted their work but also showcased and explained to other participants to talk about their perceptions and why they chose to paint a particular aspect of Karachi.

Competition Winners

The competition winners were selected based on their perceptions and their expertise in creating the artwork. The students which were not only creative but also had excellent skills to illustrate their ideas were decided as winners by the competition judge. The winner of the competition was Zeeyan Ahmed from IJK School. The runner-ups were Syeda Laiba Nazir from St. Lawrence Government Girls Degree College and Mahnoor Arshad from Korangi Academy.

Artists of Maqsad Marvels Art Competition

maqsad marvels participants standing
Maqsad Marvels Art Competition Participants

The artworks’ of students displayed historic monuments of Karachi known for their cultural and national values. Along with that, students portrayed famous local sites of Karachi such as the beach, the gardens and the local markets. Some students also featured the locality that they belong to.

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If you’re a Maqsad Marvel, let us know which competition you participated in by dropping a comment and how was your experience, we’d love to have you part of future competitions.

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