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mdcat 2022 past papers

Where Can I Find MDCAT Past Papers 2022

You can find MDCAT past papers and guess papers on the Maqsad app. With over 6000+ latest format questions, answer keys, and video solutions Maqsad is your one-stop solution to MDCAT past papers online! In just Rs.3000 you can have unlimited access to MDCAT past papers on the app!

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How Can I Download Online MDCAT Past Papers?

You can download MDCAT past papers 2022 through the Maqsad app using the following steps:

  1. Download the Maqsad App from the Play Store or App Store
  2. Click on the Past Papers section on the bottom left of your screen
  3. Choose MDCAT question bank
  4. Click ‘khareednay k aur tareeqay’
  5. You will receive an SMS from Maqsad with a link. Click on that link to go to payment page.
  6. You will get the option of paying with credit/debit card, Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa
  7. Follow the steps to verify your payment
  8. You will now have access to MDCAT question bank on the Maqsad app!

To learn more about how to pay for MDCAT question bank, click here. Or watch the video below!

Does Maqsad Have MDCAT Past Papers with Answers?

Yes! When you download PDFs on the Maqsad app, you get MDCAT past papers 2022 with answer key. There are two ways for you to get correct solutions – the first is an answer key given at the bottom of your paper. The second is instant video solutions through DoubtSolve. You can learn how to use DoubtSolve here.

Are these MDCAT Past Papers Unit Wise?

Yes! Maqsad’s MDCAT past papers 2022 are divided unit wise. You can find the following subjects in the MDCAT past papers:

  1. MDCAT Physics past papers unit wise
  2. MDCAT Biology past papers unit wise
  3. MDCAT Chemistry past papers unit wise
  4. MDCAT English past papers unit wise

Does Maqsad Offer Online MDCAT Preparation?

Yes! You can prepare for MDCAT online with Maqsad in three different ways!

  1. Prepare for latest format MCQs with Maqsad’s MDCAT past papers 2022 question bank
  2. Take Maqsad’s Online MDCAT Test to check your level of preparation
  3. Take MDCAT Chemistry Crash Course on our Youtube channel!

Don’t forget to download the Maqsad app to get access to all these amazing features!

Good luck for your MDCAT 2022! Find out the MDCAT Passing marks 2022 here.
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