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Test Your MDCAT Knowledge with the BEST MDCAT Online Exam

Take MDCAT Online Quiz and Test Your MDCAT Knowledge
Find the MDCAT Online Practice Test below

If you are a pre-medical student in your final year, you must be worried about how to prepare for the MDCAT entrance exam. We understand that passing your exam plays an important role to get admission to your DREAM medical university. With all the confusing exam preparation thoughts, Maqsad brings the BEST online exam to see where you stand in your MDCAT knowledge.

Our team has prepared an online exam according to the latest exam format and the ranking topics. This test will help you understand what type of questions will come in your exam and which topic areas you need to study for.

Take This Online MDCAT Practice Exam


Fill out the Online Test and find out about your preparation for MDCAT

Fill out the MDCAT Online Practice Exam in 3 SIMPLE STEPS

  1. If you feel overwhelmed, review all your notes or go through summary points before starting
  2. Start the test given above and choose all the answers you think are correct (Make sure to read through all options carefully and choose the best one)
  3. Submit your correct and active contact number to receive your test results


Do you want to find the best way to attempt online tests for exam preparation? Find out here.

What to Find in MDCAT Online Practice Exam?

  1. There are 20 questions in this online test
  2. You can choose only one correct answer so be sure about it. The best way to go about it is to cross out the options you are least sure about and the ones which are irrelevant to the topic.
  3. Make sure you have a stable internet connection
  4. All MDCAT mock test 2022 questions here are according to the latest format
  5. This is a completely FREE MDCAT preparation 2023 test
  6. This online practice test for MDCAT will take approximately 10 minutes to complete
  7. Video solutions for all of the mock test MDCAT 2023 questions are available on the Maqsad App

If you want more questions to get a better idea about the exam format and which chapters you need to start preparing for then you can find here the MDCAT and ECAT Questions Bank.

Want more MDCAT Practice Tests? Maqsad is READY to help you!

If you want to test your preparation and stay on track then be ready because Maqsad Team will be releasing MONTHLY PRACTICE TESTS which will help you track your performance and find out which topic areas you need to cover before giving your ultimate MDCAT EXAM 2023.

Our team will cover all important topics and difficult solutions for your exam preparation.

Done with your Online Practice Test? Find the NEXT STEPS below!

If you still have not started with your MDCAT preparation, you can now take the first step and start your preparation with Maqsad. Download your Maqsad application and get started with video lectures and a test preparation crash course. For your exam preparation, you will find

  1. Access to 6000+ MCQs questions approved in the latest format
  2. Video lectures from different universities and syllabus resources
  3. Instant solution for all your queries. Maqsad application has a DoubtSolve feature where you can send a snap of any question and Maqsad will provide you instant video solutions for the questions.
  4. Video lectures and a questions bank for 1st year and 2nd-year syllabus. If you feel that your foundational concepts are not clear, you can also find video lectures and questions bank for previous academic years.

Maqsad is there to help you get through your Matric, Intermediate, ECAT, and MDCAT exams. For this, Maqsad provides your extension chapter based video lectures and video solutions for all difficult questions. If you want to score well in your board exams and entrance test, you can visit the website to find video solutions and download Maqsad application to get started with your preparation.

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