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Physics practical 1st & 2nd year

Here’s your Fsc practical manual for physics for the year 2022 Sindh board exams. You can find a list of Physics practicals and the marking scheme for 1st and 2nd year physics practical.

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1st Year Physics Practical List 2022 Sindh Board

Sr. NoExperiment
1To determine the (a) Volume of solid cylinder (b) capacity of test tube (c) the thickness of walls of test tube using Vernier caliper
2To determine (a) the volume of given small sphere and (b) the Cross-section area of a piece of wire by using micrometer screw gauge.
3To determine the radius of curvature of given spherical (convex) mirror using spherometer and to calculate its focal length.
4To determine  the value of ‘g’ by simple pendulum and calculate length of seconds pendulum at Karachi by drawing graph between L and T2
5For a simple pendulum, verify the Law of simple Pendulum
6To determine the frequency of AC by using Melde’s apparatus (Vibrograph)
7To determine the length and width of a glass slab by the method of real and apparent depth using no-parallax method and compare it with original length and width.
8To determine the focal length of given convex lens by two ping no-parallax method.
9To determine refractive index of the material of a prism by critical angle method.
10To determine refractive index of water using a concave mirror.
11To determine speed of sound at room temperature and then at 0 °C Using a resonance tube and two tuning forks of different frequencies.
12To determine the resultant of two vectors by parallelogram method.
13To determine the resultant of two vectors by rectangular components method.
14To determine the value of surface tension of water by capillary rise method using capillary tube and needle.
15To verify the laws of vibration of stretched string using Sonometer.
16To determine the Young modulus or modulus of rigidity of a wire by Searle’s apparatus.
17Viva Voice

2nd Year Physics Practical List Sindh Board

S. NoExperiment
1To verify Newton’s law of cooling by observing the fall of temperature for every minute up to 20 minutes. Plot a graph between time and temperature OR time and log of difference of temperature.
2To determine the coefficient of linear expansion of rod, using Pullinger’s apparatus.
3To determine the pressure coefficient of air using Joly’s air constant volume thermometer.
4To determine the specific heat capacity of a solid by method of mixture.
5To determine the mechanical equivalent of heat “J” by electric method
6To determine the specific heat capacity of given liquid by electric method
7To determine the unknown resistance of a given coil by meter bridge
8To determine the resistance of given galvanometer by half deflection method
9To determine the resistance of given voltmeter
10To study the relation between the current and potential difference passing through a tungsten filament bulb across it. Also plot graph between V and I
11To study the relation between current and capacitance when A.C. flows in circuit
12To determine the unknown resistance of a wire and hence calculate specific resistance of material of given wire using Post office box.
13To study the variation of electric current with intensity of light using a photo cell.
14To compare the electromotive force (e.m.f.) of two cells by direct method – using potentiometer
15To compare the electromotive force (e.m.f.) of two cells by sum and difference method – using potentiometer
16To draw the characteristic curves of a semiconductor diode

Fsc Practical Marking Scheme for Physics

Marking Scheme for Fsc Practical Physics 2022 Sindh Board

  • Only 2 hours (don’t perform the entire practical)
  • Total marks will always be 15 marks. Passing marks are 5
  • The use of a calculator (simple or scientific) is allowed in the examination room

Journal2 marks
Diagram1 mark
Graph1 mark
Result1 mark
Viva 4 marks

Good luck with your practicals!

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FAQs related to 2nd Year Physics Practical

What is the duration of the 2nd year physics practical exam?

The 2nd year physics practical exam usually lasts for three hours.

Is there any particular format for the 2nd year physics practical exam?

Yes, the 2nd year physics practical exam follows a prescribed format that includes a list of experiments, instructions for performing the experiments, and a set of questions based on the experiments.

What are the evaluation criteria for the 2nd year physics practical exam?

The experiments in the 2nd year physics practical exam are evaluated based on the quality of observations, the accuracy of measurements, and the ability to interpret and analyze the data. Students are also assessed on their practical skills, including their ability to handle the equipment, perform the experiments, and record the observations correctly.

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