How to Fill MCQs in OMR Sheet for Intermediate Exams

What is an OMR Sheet?

OMR Sheet stands for Optical Mark Reader. This is an MCQ answer sheet with bubbles that are filled by candidates to mark their answers. This sheet is then scanned by an OMR scanner to calculate the candidate’s marks.

What does an OMR Sheet for MCQs look like?

You can see an example of what an OMR sheet looks like below.

How to fill out an OMR sheet for intermediate exams

Here are the do’s and don’t for filling out MCQs on your OMR sheet.


  1. DO fill your Roll Number, MCQs code on the OMR answer sheet
  2. DO use black or blue ballpoint or pointer
  3. DO darken the bubbles completely
  4. DO enter the credential of students on specified area on the OMR sheet
  5. DO use 1st page of copy for rough work
  6. DO only mark only one answer per question


  1. DON’T use gel pens and fountain pens
  2. DON’T put a tick mark or cross mark on the bubbles
  3. DON’T leave bubbles half colored
  4. DON’T use pencils
  5. DON’T use whiteners/correction pen/removers
  6. DON’T use OMR sheet for rough work
  7. DON’T fold the OMR sheet
  8. DON’T mark multiple answers
  9. DON’T cut anything out

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