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How To Score More Than 90% Marks In LESS Than 20 Days for Matric Board Exam?

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Are you one of those students who often question themselves right before the deadline? Does the question that how will I study in less than 20 days for matric board exams constantly trouble you? Well, you’ve come to the right place with your question because we are about to share the best hack on how you can optimize and improvise for last-minute deadlines. 

Matric board exams for class 9 and class 10 students can be a stressful time. With the target of making it through with a certain percentage, most students are already planning ahead and setting benchmarks for their further board and university exams. These marks are added to your academic profile and further, they can impact the opportunities for advanced studies. Therefore, students attempting Matric board exams are cautious about their exam scores.

If you’re someone who has wasted their time in procrastination figuring out how they should study and where they should start, you’ve come to the right place. We asked our students and academic experts about the key challenges students face mainly if they are short on time and they are aiming to score more than 90% in their board exams. 

how to study in less than 20 days tips?
  • Know Your Exam Format

The most important thing about Matric Board Exams is the Exam Format. The format is significant and it’s the foundational step because it helps you understand which components you have to study and how are the marks distributed. It is also important to see what is the timeslot for the exam and how many questions are included in each component of the exam. This practice will help you create an estimation of what your pace is to attempting an exam. The matric board exam format also helps you break down the important topics and prepare exam topics based on the learning outcomes. The learning outcomes also known as the topic objectives help you understand what the question will be based on.

For more understanding, you can review last year’s syllabus – Class 9th Math Syllabus 2022 | Punjab Board

  • List Your Priorities According to Top Card Topics 

Yes, we are setting our goals on how to study in less than 20 days but let’s say the first question comes to your mind late and then you think HOW CAN I STUDY IN 10 DAYS? At first, you should not panic but at the same time we have to go with the approach of not covering everything inefficiently instead we will have to create a priority list based on the weightage of the topics and then prepare to score the maximum marks in matric board exams. For instance, organic chemistry holds a higher weightage in the class 10 chemistry exam therefore we will first start with organic chemistry and review video solutions and past papers for the relevant chapter. Once covered, we’ll move ahead to the next important topic. 

  • Setting A Practical Exam Schedule 

If we still have 20 days left in our exams, we can go with a different approach and prioritize topics based on the difficulty level when it comes to understanding and creating concepts. This is will help us to make extensive notes which will help us later when solving exam past papers. For each day, we can set a goal to cover the topic in depth for each main subject. The main materials we need to prepare to start to conceptualize, list important key theories and definitions and then review exercises and papers. 

how to study in less than 10 days
  • Practice Alternate Years Past Papers

One of the most important keys to getting through your exam is by solving past papers but considering we are on a time crunch, we need to look for a smart approach in this matter. Ideally, you should start solving past papers two weeks before your exam. Therefore, we can look for a variation of exam questions to find the frequency of topics and the types of questions occurring in an exam. To have a better understanding, we can review a greater timeline of past papers and for this, we will review alternate years of exams. From each paper, you should solve the question and then refer to the examiner’s marking scheme. In alternate exam sheets, find what variations of questions are there and how they are marked differently. You can also find new points which are students marked for and include those in your answer. 

  • Use Active Learning Techniques 

When you are on a short timeline, you need to look out for effective ways to prepare yourself for your matric exams. To start with, try to find out bite-sized videos which are interactive. These videos will help to build your concepts on the key topics and subtopics. Reading through notes is another option but watching video lectures on the maqsad online learning platform will help you create a photographic memory through interactive lectures, so you won’t get bored. Usually, students cover their lectures first and then move ahead with solving collective questions an active learning technique involves a continuous corrective mechanism which means after each chapter, you can review solved exercises in the maqsad app and with that, you can attempt online topical tests which will help you know which topics you need to work further on. 

  • Seek Help When Stuck 

You should take this all by yourself because there are going to be times when you will get stuck on a question related to a particular topic or theory or maybe a confusing diagram will occupy most of your headspace but these are the times when you should seek help from academic experts. If you are concerned about approaching academic experts and if they’ll respond on time then you can try online learning platforms. If you check out this application and download it then you just have to take a snapshot of the question using the application and send it out to them. In no time, they’ll send back the answer in a video lecture where you’ll not only get the solution but a complete explanation.

Now it is time that you start making your exam plan and press the Start Button to your preparation process otherwise the next question in your head might be – How To Prepare For Exams In One Night?

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