10 Expert Tips for Attempting Inter Physics Practicals!

physics practical guide

Getting ready for physics practicals and worried about how to get the best marks? This physics practicals guide will help you perform the best practical exam for physics.

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Who Can Use These Tips?

These tips are ideal for people attempting the following practicals:

  • Physics Practical Class 11
  • Physics Practical Class 12

Physics Practicals Guidelines for First and Second Year

  1. Read the object carefully. Only attempt the given practical which is mentioned in the object.
  2. Don’t take too many readings as students did while performing in their practice class. It’s better to refer to object (question) or ask your internal examiner for the number of readings required for the given practical.
  3. Don’t mention the list of apparatus in the practical answer sheet.
  4. Neatly draw and filled the observation table(s). You should also mention the appropriate units of measurement in each column of your observation table(s).
  5. You must draw a Ray diagram (for class Xl) and Circuit diagram (for class Xll) where required. Don’t draw the diagram of the complete experimental setup or any apparatus.
  6. You must carefully and neatly draw graph(s) where required. Ask your internal/external examiner to provide you with signed graph paper. Staple this graph paper carefully in your answer sheet. (More details about graphs will be provided to you in a separate video).
  7. You must show calculations where required. Make sure to use/mention the correct formula.
  8. You must mention your result/conclusion at the end. Make sure to mention the proper unit with the numeric answer.
  9. No need to mention the source of errors or precautions in your answer sheet.
  10. Make sure to be prepared for your viva. A study of relevant topics from your textbook will be very helpful for your viva.

Remember, one of the most important things while attempting your first year practical physics exam or
second year physics practical is – stay calm, stay focused, you will be FINE!

Good luck!

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