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A New Way to Get Discounts: Introducing Sikkay!

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Maqsad has rolled out an update to make learning even more engaging and fun for students! The new feature that is the highlight of this update is called Sikkay (coins). These sikkay are a currency inside of the Maqsad app and can give you discounts when you are on the checkout page.

What Can You Buy from Sikkay?

 Students can buy multiple rewards and access features using their sikkay. For example, they can buy past papers for 500 sikkay, and can even get access to the question bank using sikkay.

How to Earn Sikkay?

When you use the Maqsad App, and perform certain activities, you will be rewarded with these coins. Apart from that, students can also use Maqsad’s DoubtSolve feature to earn sikkay. You can, for example, try asking a sample doubt and earn 10 sikkay for doing so. Also, when a user signs up and completes their Maqsad user profile, by adding their board and grade, they receive 2500 sikkay for free!

How to Apply Discount with Sikkay?

Follow our web payment journey like you always do. Just make sure to keep the Sikkay toggle ‘on’ when you are doing a payment on the checkout page to receive a free resource or use it to receive a discount on your total bill. Also, you should not be worried about spending them as soon as possible because these Sikkay never expire, and you can redeem them whenever you want. You can earn Sikkay during the vacations and cash them out for in-app rewards and discounts when you need to study and prepare for your exams. So, what are you waiting for? Start saving up sikkay because we have lots of interesting features heading your way!

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