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The Best Way to Prepare for Physics Class 9 Chapter 1 Numericals

The students enrolled in class 9 often tend to worry about their board exams and the thought which is always on their mind is how they can prepare for their SSC board exams from the beginning. Well, the key to scoring well in class 9 board exams is to have a strong understanding of the foundational concepts. Physics class 9 chapter 1 is also one of the topics which students get stuck with and later in advance questions, they face difficulty.

If we take an overview of the syllabus of class 9 physics, we’ll get a better idea that the key concepts covered in the syllabus are the following

  • Physical Quantities and Measurements
  • Kinematics
  • Dynamics
  • Thermal Physics

A key concept in physics class 9 chapter 1 is the section which covers calculations and numerals. In the numerical section of chapter 1, students understand the SI units and how the numerical conversion is conducted.

The SI Units and Types – Physics Class 9 Chapter 1

Before we get a look at the symbols, we need to learn what are the two types of units

  1. Basic Units
  2. Derived Units

Watch the video below to learn more about what are the basic units and derived units.

This video is part of physics class 9 chapter 1 Unit 4 – Fundamental and Derived Units.

The SI Units are of the 7 basic units which are also to be known as the fundamental units. The following are the 7 basic units and these units are used to form complex formulae in physics to find out other calculations

  1. Length denoted by meter
  2. Mass denoted the by kilogram
  3. Time denoted the by second
  4. Electric Current denoted by ampere
  5. Temperature denoted by kelvin
  6. Amount of substance denoted by mole
  7. Luminous intensity denoted by candela

An example to understand how the basic units form complex calculations is to break and evaluate the formula to calculate speed.

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Moving ahead is another key concept which will help students, not in class 9 physics but also in other mathematical calculations in sciences.

physics class 9 chapter 1 derived unit formula
Example of how derived unit is formed

Speed is the formula to measure the ability of any moving object to cover a distance in a unit of time. If any object can cover more distance in a short time then that object has a faster speed. The formula to calculate speed is derived by dividing distance by time where distance and time both are basic fundamental units.

Significant Figures – Physics Class 9 Chapter 1

This video is part of physics class 9 chapter 1 Unit 5 – Significant Figures

Physics practical exams can be a nightmare and we all can relate to this. But why do we consider it a nightmare? Most of us get stuck because of the precision of calculations. We often have heard our teachers telling us that we need to keep a check on significant figures in our answers.

Significant numbers are numerical digits which are used to express the position of a number to define its accuracy and reliability. For instance, if we measure height in inches, what will be your choice of right answer if I give you two options – 2cm or 2.457cm? The first thought which will come to your mind is that 2.457cm looks more accurate and that’s because the number of significant digits shows more precision which indicates reliability in your answer. Therefore, when solving practical questions, it is advised to show your answer in at least 2 or 3 significant digits.

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