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Math Mai 100/100 Lanay K Liye 7 Zabardast Aur Easy Tips!

Math mai 100/100 laanay hain? Toh sunain! These 7 tips will have you confident and ready to give your next maths exam in no time!


Having confidence is the first step to getting 100% marks. Thinking that math is too hard for you or mujhse nahi hoga yaar is NOT going to get you anywhere. So be positive and know this: with enough practice, you CAN get 100/100 on your next maths exams!

Tip #2: Boring books aur notes ko bolo BYE BYE!

Don’t just study from books, notes, or boring long lecture videos. Find something that explains concepts in a FUN WAY like Maqsad Apps video lectures. Not only do you get engaging animations to keep you interested but the teachers explain big concepts in small, easy-to-understand ways.

Nahi yaqeen aa raha? Ye video lecture ka explample khud check karein!

Tip #3: Flashcards use karein!

Flashcards are small square cards made of paper or with a question at the front and an answer at the back.

An example is writing ‘pythagoras theorem?’ at the front of the card and the formula on the back. This way, you can test yourself quickly for things like formulas or concepts.

Tip #4: DON’T WASTE TIME on difficult questions!

Don’t spend more than 15-20 minutes trying to solve a difficult question. Instead, use a math solution generator like Maqsad’s DoubtSolve to get instant video solutions in 3 seconds.

Bas tasveer lain, submit karein aur video solution aapkay haath mai! Now you can study the video and easily learn how to get the correct answer. No more wasting time!

DoubtSolve use karnay ka tareeqa seekhnain k liye yahan click karein!

Tip #5: Practice, practice, and MORE practice!

online practice test

Online tests are great to help you get in the mood for real tests. Here’s why you should take Maqsad tests instead of just using past paper books:

  • Choose from different difficulty levels
  • Get instant video solutions for wrong guesses
  • Take the test as many times as you like without needing lots of books
  • Get personalized report cards

Tip #6: Exam mai asaan sawal pehle attempt karein

While you’re attempting your exam, do easy questions first. This will give you guaranteed marks and then you can spend the remaining time attempting harder questions.

Tip #7: Read the question PROPERLY!

Math mai aik number bhi ghalat parh liya toh gaey! Make sure you are reading the question properly before attempting the solution!

Do you have any other tips? Share with us!

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